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Featured as one of the UK's leading British Asian Influencers in Eastern Eye in March 2017

Featured as one of the UK's leading British Asian Influencers in Eastern Eye in March 2017

At NIKE we take the health, fitness and wellbeing of our employees seriously - we thought that Yoga would be a great benefit to our staff, so we invited Rakhee to come in and teach Chi Kri Yoga. Her class is amongst the most popular of all the sessions we hold; she has a modern, contemporary and challenging vibe which fits nicely with our culture here at Nike.

Personally I’ve felt the benefits in my flexibility, strength and balance improve considerably. I’ve found the meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques particularly helpful as can be applied every day to help de-stress and manage pressure. I’d highly recommend her to any business out there who want to help their employees feel strong, relaxed and clear-headed in and outside of the workplace.

Mandy Ayres, GM, NIKE

"Rakhee has a strong, warm and trustworthy personality that finds its home alongside the passion, intensity and energy she puts into everything she does. 

I have known Rakhee first as a student, then as a trainee on Chi Kri's Gold Standard Teacher Training scheme, and now I know her as a Chi Kri teacher, and a student under Chi Kri's highest level Platinum Standard training. Aside from the obvious development in skills, she has shown tremendous character in some of the toughest training environments, where many crumbled, Rakhee's indomitable spirit of determination consistently made her dig deep and come up with the goods - more patience, more effort, more calmness and more of that cool, streetwise style she overlays everything with!  

She is one of Chi Kri's greatest exponents and anyone studying directly under her will experience her firm guidance, coupled with her gentle, warm, encouraging demeanour taking you through any challenge you may face." 

Neil Patel, Grandmaster, Chi Kri

I decided on private lessons to improve my technique and help with some very specific requirements I had. I chose Rakhee as it was important to have a rapport with your instructor and she has a lovely studio to do the lessons.  Rakhee is very engaging, continues to keep the lessons varied and fun whilst being assertive so I get most out of them!  My objectives have been met and the sessions have definitely helped my other sporting activities. Some added benefits for me have been learning different techniques on breathing, meditation and some great general chats on life's challenges.

Dipesh Patel, 1:1 Student

As someone just getting into it, I have tried a few different yoga styles over the past couple of years – from different one-off sessions in gyms or studios, to a longer stint with Bikram as well. I can honestly say that Rakhee’s Chi Kri classes are the most enjoyable and beneficial that I’ve come across by far. If I had to pick one word (or pun) it would be balance – Rakhee’s classes are always a perfect balance of pushing yourself physically, finding lots of relaxation mentally, and enjoyment. You leave the room with a feeling of accomplishment and refreshment, happy in the progress you’ve made and eager for the next step you know you'll get to take next time. Would recommend her to anyone, at any level.

James Kennedy, Girl Hub (Nike Foundation) 

Once I joined Rakhee’s Yoga classes I couldn’t stop as it became essential part of my week! We are all so stressed and the answer is simple… meditation, relaxation, peace. Yoga helps me a lot deal with the overwhelming world we live in, helps me detach from all negatives and gives me real time for myself, simplifies life as well. At first I was afraid I wasn’t going to be on the right level (physically not practiced yoga before and thinking about it more as an exercise) but after facing Rakhee’s approach that we can all do it J I started thinking less and just enjoying it more, trying to push my limits for my own benefit instead of someone else’s. “Practise Yoga” is the best advice I was ever given.

Elina, Girl Hub (Nike Foundation)  

Rakhee is a very special and unique Chi Kri yoga teacher. She will guide you through posture work to help you achieve your very best and with her beautiful voice, she will instruct you through wonderful meditations and relaxations which will leave you feeling perfectly peaceful and calm. Rakhee will share Chi Kri philosophy and her own personal poems with you along the way, and her lessons are different every week.I would recommend her classes to anyone.

Shirley Jordan,  CK teacher and student of Thursday evening classes